The Battle of the Jeans

They might have started out as practical garments for miners and other works, but, in my opinion, nothing says more about a person than the type of jeans they wear or don’t wear. Every woman I know wants to have THE perfect pair of butt moduling-thigh decreasing-long leg making pair of jeans. It’s a right just like owning more shoes than we have outfits!

Jeans should be made of 100% cotton. Spandex was a very bad invention. Either you fit into something or you don’t. I’m always suspicious of jeans that say “buy one size smaller than needed and you look two sizes smaller”. Why do I need a size smaller? No one is EVER going to know what size my jeans are unless I tell them. And do I need to fool myself every time I get dressed?

Self: Hmmm, which jeans should I wear today? The size 8 or the size 4 that’s really a 6 that claims it can make me look like a size 2?
Mirror Image: Why of course the size 4, Deary. Just in case you have an accident and the medical technician has to cut those jeans off of you, he will be impressed that all that rump fit into a size 4!



About InkMusician

I am a writer, cook and dreamer. I am sister to none and daughter to one.
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