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Heidelberg Christmas market

While America was celebrating Thanksgiving, Heidelberg was ringing in the holiday season with Glühwein, Frikadelle Brötchen, Saumagen, Magenbrot, Lebkuchen, Crêpes, Schweinesteak mit Zwiebeln, Currywurst and gebrannte Mandeln. Now, I could translate all of that, but half of it wouldn’t sound … Continue reading

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Tippy toes strikes again!

When I was in junior high school, I attempted to play basketball. I didn’t even have to try out for the team. The coach took one look at me and said, “You’re on the team!” If only she had let … Continue reading

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On being happy

This evening, I witnessed a friend’s daughter memorizing a poem for her German class. As I sat there and watched her close her eyes, then peek one eye at the text and stumble across the sentences, I had a flashback … Continue reading

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It has finally arrived…

November in Germany is always a test for my sanity. I mentioned in a previous post that German Gray should be an official color. It would be a dirty gray with splotches of brown, sprinkled with a hint of puce … Continue reading

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A Friday Tribute to Sunshine People

In honor of Friday, I would like to say a special thank you to all the Sunshine People out there. You know who you are. When you enter a room, it lights up. You make us feel warm and fuzzy … Continue reading

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Game, set, match!

Sometimes, the Germans have a fantastic way of saying things. For example, only in German speaking countries can one suffer from Kreislauf problems. The word ‘Kreislauf’ could be mistaken to mean circulation, but that definition doesn’t do it justice. If … Continue reading

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