Heidelberg Christmas market

While America was celebrating Thanksgiving, Heidelberg was ringing in the holiday season with Glühwein, Frikadelle Brötchen, Saumagen, Magenbrot, Lebkuchen, Crêpes, Schweinesteak mit Zwiebeln, Currywurst and gebrannte Mandeln. Now, I could translate all of that, but half of it wouldn’t sound very appetizing in English. I will have to ask you to trust me that these are all yummy things that should be tried and eaten at least once at a German Christmas market.

Heidelberg beat everyone to the start this year. I can usually enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner before the ho-ho-ho assault begins. Before you know it, chocolate Easter bunnies will be delivered sitting on a sleigh, with flexible ears that can morph into a beard and sack.

Nevertheless, we had our first visit to the Christmas market on November 22nd. It was actually very nice. We indulged in oversized fatty sausages and topped it off with cinnamon and sugar crêpes. It was cold enough to enjoy a nice hot cup of kiddie punsch (the non-alcoholic children’s version of a mulled wine), but not so cold that we had to seek refuge in a café to warm our extremities. It’s nice to get the season kicked off so nicely.


A beautiful night view of the Heidelberg main street close to the Heiliggeistkirche.


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